Cash tribute: Keep It CASH

Cash tribute: Keep It CASH

'Keep it Cash' is coming to The Netherlands. The band will be performing on October 20th in Dordrecht and on October 21st in Veenendaal.


Taking you through from the humble gospel beginnings of the Tennessee two, right to the emotional and final American Recordings, this is the Johnny Cash tribute show. Keep It CASH fully capture the energy and spirit of the music, in a professionally arranged multi-instrumental stage show with lighting and narrative.  During the show you will hear the echos of blues, black gospel and the spiritual music, that influenced Johnny Cash as a musician and ulitmatley imortalized him as a cult figure.


The band  is a genuine labour of love, seeing them live, you will witness a life time of listening,  practice and dedication. Keep It Cash,  Johnny Cash tribute band formed in 2001, starting performing for fun,  in small pubs and back rooms, the reputation of the band as performers soon grew and in the first year the band performed some seventy gigs. Since those humble beginnings, the band has developed into the most prestigious of all the current Johnny Cash tribute shows. The show has toured the UK and abroad for over ten years and is regarded by the music business, critics and press, as the best sounding Cash tribute show on the planet.


"Keep It CASH are a wonder and an anomaly not only entertaining, but a fully engaging and spirited band"   Brighton Free Press.



Where and when: Dordrecht, October 20th
Time: 8 PM - door closes at 3 PM
Costs: €12,50
Buy tickets online right HERE



Where and when: Veenendaal, October 21st
Time: 2 PM - 7 PM (14:00-19:00 uur)
Costs: €11,00 presale + administration / € 14,00 at registrer
Buy tickets online right HERE





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