Johnny Cash - Favorite Books of the Man in Black

"I'm very shy really.  I spend a lot of time in my room alone, reading or writing or watching television."- Johnny CashThe 700 Club, "An Interview with The Man in Black," 1984  Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter were greedy readers, though many people might not guess it when taking a...
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Johnny Cash's Top 10 Songwriters

Johnny Cash had a talent that not all artists possess.  Not only was he talented songwriter (he wrote or co-wrote over 200 songs) but he was also great at taking a song and making it his own.  In this endeavor, Cash was able to defy any genre of music.  He covered...
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Johnny Cash & Pete Seeger

Who were Johnny Cash’s musical friends?  Aside from his wife June, one might think of his fellow Highwaymen, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.  Or maybe his Sun pals Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis.  There are also his friends in the rock field, like U2’s Bono and...
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A Review of the Johnny Cash Museum

The Johnny Cash Museum is unlike any other popular attraction that I’ve seen in Nashville--and I’ve been a tourist in music city three times.  The first two times I traveled to Nashville I went to see all that I could that was Cash-related.  That included the Country Music Hall of Fame...
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The Patriot In Black

Normal 0 21 false false false NL X-NONE X-NONE Patriotism is a word that is hard to define in America.  Is a patriot someone who blindly accepts the customs of his or her country?  Is a patriot a questioner--a revolutionary?  Does a patriot have to be political, or does a patriot...
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Johnny CASH: a Hero’s journey

Throughout our history, myth has always been one of the driving forces of human civilisations: it is the light in the darkness which has brought us out of the cave. But what exactly is a myth? It is very often described as a story, a legend, that fertilises the arts, but...
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Unwrapping the enigma of the Man in Black

Johnny Cash's musical accomplishments are storied and staggering. He occupies spots in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Songwriter's Hall of Fame, and the Country Music Hall of Fame—he, in fact, was the youngest living person ever inducted into the latter. He sold 50 million albums, recorded more than...
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Kris Kristofferson Clears Up Stories About Helicopter Visit To Johnny Cash

Grizzled country star Kris Kristofferson has exploded a music myth surrounding a helicopter visit he made to Johnny Cash, insisting it wasn't quite like the Man in Black remembered it. For starters, Cash and his wife June Carter weren't at home when he touched down on their sprawling Tennessee property in an...
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The last days of Johnny Cash

by Tony TostWhen Johnny Cash married June Carter in 1968 shortly after proposing to her onstage in Ontario he wed himself not only to his steadfast guardian angel, not only to the disarmingly attractive and intelligent woman who co-wrote the country standards "Ring of Fire" and "Kneeling Drunkard's Plea," and not...
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Easter reflections: Johnny Cash, the pope and St. Paul

Happy Easter everyone! By Joel Davidson In March, more than six and a half years after his body was buried in the Tennessee dirt, Johnny Cash’s final studio album was released. The first words thunder like a ghost from beyond the tomb: “Ain’t no grave can hold my body down.” That line was...
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Easing back with...Johnny Cash

Magazine: People, July 11, 1994By Bill Shaw The Man in Black finds refuge -- and a llama -- in the Tennessee woods. In the bad old days, Johnny Cash the pill popper would have stomped dead the four-foot snake he found napping on his boat dock not long ago. That's the way he...
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5 things you didn't know about Johnny Cash

Here's a nice article found on the web. Perhaps there's something you indeed didn't know! Johnny Cash is such an old-school American: The deeply religious son of a sharecropper, Johnny Cash grew up on “New Deal” farmland, served in the military, married his sweetheart, had a family, became a rock star,...
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Johnny of the Cross

Johnny of the CrossPeter M Candler, Jr.In the world of popular music, one generally becomes a "legend" only in death—as if death accomplishes for a musician all that he was unable to do for himself in life. Legends are often made in the manner of their death—in a helicopter crash, say,...
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Johnny Cash's song of Redemption

Johnny Cash's popularity had been higher than when he died September 12, but he had never been more hip. Nominated for MTV'S video of the year, Cash was considered not just one of the last musical greats of his generation, but also a giant of contemporary artists. He had recorded with...
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Johnny Cash On Prison Reform

DONALD S. SHOCKLEY and RICHARD L. FREEMAN  When Karl Barth visited the United States in 1962 he made a request which seemed odd to those unaware of his long concern for such matters: he asked to see an American prison. After touring one such institution he said the experience had been...
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