This page is always under construction and still growing. Of course we can't do this without the help of the fans.

The site has been made possible by:

  • Jussel44 - making very nice wallpapers (up shortly)
  • JohnnyCashShow - providing information
  • Peter Lewry - providing interviews
  • CashandWaylonFan - uploading lots of pictures and providing information
  • Cortex - uploading lots of pictures and providing information
  • Johi - uploading pictures
  • Willardxc - uploading pictures
  • WomaninBlack - uploading lots of pictures
  • Promagnum - uploading pictures
  • Summer1776 - providing information
  • Keith Griffiths - providing a LOT of lyrics and information about songsbooks (complete with pictures)
  • Willem Winkelmolen for creating the awesome (old) logo. Visit his facebook:
    Killer Concepts
  • Jeff Emond - doing a lot of research, supplying information, writing articles en doing interviews
  • Raimund - setting up the recordingsdatabase and providing lots and lots of info
  • Ivar - you can name him specialist on anything Cash. He has provided a lot of info.

    - Elvira



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