Show: Def Americans Memorial Show - September 13th, Eindhoven

Show: Def Americans Memorial Show - September 13th, Eindhoven

Johnny Cash passed away in 2003. Exactly ten years down the line, he couldn't be more alive. On September 13 we celebrate the life of one of the most memorable artists the world has known with The Johnny Cash Memorial Show.
The night is jam packed with live music and dj's and it all takes place at Klokgebouw Concert venue right here in Eindhoven. Tickets are € 20,- and the presale has started.


The event is a great opportunity for fans to get together and celebrate the life and music of country legend Johnny Cash. Every year around the date the Man in Black passed away, we're hosting this outrageous big Memorial show. This year Johnny will be gone for a whole decade, though it seems like almost yesterday. To a lot of people, Johnny is still very much alive and we've been doing really well playing his music, so we are really looking forward to play the Klokgebouw, celebrating the life and music of the Man in Black with fans and friends", says frontman Elco Weitering.


"There are just so many different people out there that appreciate the Man in Black: country lovers, rockabilly fans, rockers and everything in between. We have teamed up with some great people and are working hard to cater our best Johnny Cash Memorial show for Johnny Cash fans and music lovers from allover. Klokgebouw is a great venue with lots of possibilities. It's big but it has got attitude and personality. And it's been around forever."


Singer Kim Wolterink: "We like the audience to step into a Cash world. It should be a total experience for visitors.". In addition to hosting the Johnny Cash Memorial show of Def Americans, we also provide in thematically support acts and a sizzling afterparty.


We're happy to announce we've added two great acts and personal favorites that will be performing at our Johnny Cash Memorial Show right here in Eindhoven! All female all female bluegrass band Dolly I Beg Your Pardon and UK/Schotland based Union Avenue are added to the bill.


Dolly I Beg Your Pardon will accompany singer Kim Carter during the Def Americans show with a great set of Carter Family inspired classics. These gals know their chops and look the part as well so make sure you catch them!

Union Avenue hails all the way from Schotland, the ancestral home of Johnny Cash -  These boys will be taking the stage right after Def Americans have finished their set. If you're like us and you can't get enough of that Boom Chicka Boom sound, stick around, this is going to be great. These guys play cult and rock classics in the style of the Man in Black and have  thrilled audiences all over the world from Las Vegas to Moscow with their big bad Memphis sound.


Keep posted, there is more to come soon!


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