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The Mystery Of Life
  • Mercury
  • Produced by Jack Clement.

    This was Cash's last album for Mercury Records, and Cash's last album (save for the lacklustre "Country Christmas" album) before he signed with Rick Rubin. 

    About half the songs on the album are outtakes from the "Johnny Cash is Coming to Town" sessions. Outtakes from the "Mystery of Life" sessions in 1990 includes Redneck Love and Country Boy.

    The song The Greatest Cowboy of Them All was performed reguarly at concerts in 1991. Otherwise Cash doesn't seem to have promoted this album a lot on stage.

    A video was made for Goin' by the Book.

    Reissue history for The Mystery Of Life:

    1. Reissued by Mercury/Universal in 2003 (440 069 089-2) with one bonus track, The Wanderer (originally released on U2' "Zooropa" album).

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