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  • JC 36086
  • Columbia
  • Johnny Cash's Silver was eleased to celebrate Johnny Cash's twenty-fifth year in the music business.  But during the late seventies, Cash's musical career was at a comperative low.  On this album, produced by Brian Ahern, Cash explores some new territory, and creates a new song-set standard.  The album peaked the C & W charts at 28.

    Silver will be remembered by most for hailing Johnny Cash's version of "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky."  Cash's version is unique, because he arranged the chorus of the song to play "Yippi yi oh, yippi yi yay" in contrast to Stan Jones' original lyrics "yippi yi yay, yippi yi oh."  Musician Johnny Western reported that Stan Jones' wife was initially upset by the lyric change, until the royalty checks started flowing in.  Cash's "Rides in the Sky" climbed to number 2 on the Country & Western charts in 1997.

    Other notable songs include "Ill Say It's Her" and "Bull Rider," which topped the C & W charts at numbers 42 and 66 respectively.  Johnny Cash also first recorderd here "The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore" which would later be re-recorded with American Records and released on the Unearthed boxset.  Cash also does his first studio recording of "Cocaine Blues," Cash's arrangement of "Transfusion Blues," a song that appeared first on his Now, There Was A Song album and later made famous as Cocaine Blues on his Live at Folsom Prison album.

    In 2002 the album was re-released through Legacy Recordings, and "I Still Miss Someone" and "I Got Stripes" were both added to the track list.  Both songs were recorded as duets with George Jones. 

    Silver is the last album bassist Marshall Grant participated with before leaving the group in 1980.

    Article by Jeff Emond

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