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Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
Catalog Number
  • KCS 9943
  • Columbia
  • Reissue history for Hello, I'm Johnny Cash:

    1. Reissued on CD by Bear Family Records in 1995 on "The Man In Black Vol. 3 - 1963-1969+). This set uses an alternate mix of To Beat The Devil (noticeable on the chorus) - it appears to be the same master, though.

    2. Reissued on CD by Reader's Digest Music in 2010 on "The Great Seventies Recordings" (oddly enough, as the album was recorded in 1969 - it was, however, released in 1970). The Reader's Digest release wrongly claims that this was the first CD release of the album.

    3. Released for download by Columbia/Legacy in April of 2010.

    4. Reissued on CD by Sony UK in 2012 as part of the box set "Original Album Classics."  The CD is held inside a small replica of the oringinal vinyl case.

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