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Bootleg Vol. 3: Live Around The World
  • Columbia/Legacy
  • The third volume in Columbia/Legacy's Johnny Cash Bootleg Series. Produced by Steve Berkowitz and Greg Geller.

    CD 1:

    Tracks 1-3: The Big "D" Jamboree, TX - 1956 (previously released)

    Tracks 4-11: New River Ranch, Rising Sun, MD - 1962 (This recording was made by Mr. Leon Kagrise who "...indulged his passion for country music by dragging his bulky tape recorder to outdoor music festivals in rural Maryland..." Country Boy was previously broadcast on NRP on June 2, 2003 during a program on Kagarise's collection: )

    Tracks 12-20: Newport Folk Festival, RD - 1964 (previously released by Bear Family on The Man in Black Vol. 3 and by Vanguard on Nashville At Newort, both under license from Sony Music.)

    Tracks 21-29: Annex 14 NCO Club, Long Binh, Vietman - 1969

    CD 2:

    Tracks 1-17: The White House, Washington DC - 1970 (What Is Truth previously released on Johnny Cash's America)

    Tracks 14-16: Österåker Prison, Stockholm, Sweden - 1972 (previously released on På Österåker and At Österaker - 35th Anniversary Edition)

    Track 17: CBS Records Convention, Nashville, TN - 1973

    Tracks 18-19: Carter Fold, VA - 1976 (Broadside Television filmed this show, which was broadcast as "Johnny Cash At the A. P. Carter Store". The event was the Grand Opening of the Carter Barn. The film reels were later transfered to the Appalachian Archives at East Tennessee University).

    Tracks 21-22: Jamboree USA, Wheeling, WV - 1976

    Tracks 23-24: The Exit Inn, TN - 1979

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