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Boom Chicka Boom
Catalog Number
  • 842 155-2
  • Mercury
  • The original European CD release (842 725-2) included the bonus track Veteran's Day

    The cassette single (876 428-4) included I Shall Be Free as a "B-side". This song has not officially been released anywhere else.

    Reissue history for Boom Chicka Boom:

    1. Reissued by Mercury/Universal in 2003 paired with "Johnny Cash Is Coming To Town" (088 170 283-3). Sadly they neglected to include the two previously released, but rare Veteran's Day and I Shall Be Free tracks from the "Boom Chicka Boom" sessions.


    I Draw The Line, Old Red, Hallelujah Joe, The Strangest Dream, Everything Is Alright At Home.

    In an interview with Peter Lewry producer Bob Moore claimed that (some of) the outtakes were never completed "...the titles the record company chose to own (Polygram), were completed, and those are the ones that made the album compilation..." (The Man in Black, December 2002, page 13). But in his discography John L. Smith provides a master number for I Draw The Line, so it seems likely that this particular recording was finished (the remaining outtakes do not seem to have been assigned master numbers).

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