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American Recordings
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  • COL 491797 2
  • American Recordings
  • Reissue history for American Recordings:

    Since it's original release in 1994 "American Recordings" has been reissued on CD and LP multiple times, as Rick Rubin has moved the distribution rights to American's releases from one major label to another. Originally Warner Music handled the distribution of "American Recordings" (the original CD# was 9-45520-2), but soon after the release of Cash's second American album "Unchained" Rubin moved the distribution to Sony Music and both albums were soon reissued via Columbia (so, just a decade after Cash was kicked from Columbia, his former record label ran full page print ads in music magazines welcoming him back "home"). After the release of American III: Solitary Man Rubin once more changed distribution to Universal/Lost Highway, but has since moved it back to Sony Music/Columbia. Consequently, there are several different releases of all the early American albums on both LP and CD - each with different catalog numbers (the contents are the same).

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