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I Would Like To See You Again
Catalog Number
  • KC 35313
  • Columbia
  • Produced by Larry Butler, excpt the two tracks with Waylon Jennings - There Ain't No Good Chain Gang and I Wish I Was Crazy Again - which were produced by Cash and Jennings. An alternate version of I Wish I Was Crazy Again without Waylon was used for the soundtrack for Cash's TV movie Thaddeus Rose And Eddie. A demo verion of Who's Gene Autry was included on "More Songs From Johnny's Personal File" in 2007.


    Able Bodied Man; Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (with Waylon Jennings); Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song; Teeth, Hair and Eyeballs; You Are A Part Of Me (with June Carter)

    Reissue history for I Would Like To See You Again:

    1. Reissued on CD by DCC Compact Classics in 2000 (DZS-192/A 31493). This version was remastered by Steve Hoffman, however the sound quality is significantly poorer than the original LP release, as well as various songs from the album that have appeared on newer compilations such as "Life".

    2. Reissued on CD by Columbia/Legacy in December 2012 as part of "The Complete Columbia Album Collection".

    As of February 2013 the album has still not been released for download.

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