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At San Quentin
  • Columbia
  • Please note, a recording of the complete 1969 San Quentin concert does not exist, as producer Bob Johnston only brought one tape machine to the concert and thus missed parts of songs whenever a tape ran out. "Therefore - with the exception of a few songs that fell victim to tape run-outs that evening - this edition now presents the show in its most complete form possible" (producer's note in the sleeve notes for the Legacy Edition of At San Quentin).

    Reissue history for At San Quentin:

    1. Reissued on CD by Columbia paired with "At Folsom Prison" (CGK 33639) in 1989. This version includes only one of the two takes of San Quentin found on the original album release.

    2. Reissued on CD by Columbia/Legacy in 2000 with the subtitle "The Complete 1969 Concert" and a sticker on the cover reading "Complete & unedited for the first time! Featuring 9 bonus tracks." Obviously this was not the complete concert, which was obvious to anyone who'd watched the Granada documentary which featured songs on included on this CD. Why Columbia chose to make this claim is not known.

    3. Reissued on CD by Columbia/Legacy in 2006 as "At San Quentin (Legacy Edition)" (82876 75914 2). This release included a DVD of the Granada TV documentary as well as all recorded songs from the concert (completely recorded songs, that is). This release restores The Statler Brothers and Carl Perkins performances.

    4. Released for download by Columbia/Legacy.

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