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  3. Saturday, 05 October 2019
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Hello everyone, Am I the first to write? I see nobody else did so I will take the honor :D I am fan of some country, folk and blues music but mostly I am a die hard JC fan. There is a song from him for almost every topic and on Sundays just one hymn from him makes up for the christian duty that I do not attend. I was hoping to collect the complete tv series The Johnny Cash Show but I cannot find it anywhere so I hope someone might help or else they should re-release the series on DVD, I'm sure it would be a hit. For now I will sign off by leaving the DVD's (?) some of the pics that I have found online. Regards, Mike.
[attachment]The Johnny Cash TV Show Vol.1&2.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment]The Johnny Cash TV Show Vol.3&4.jpg[/attachment][attachment]The Johnny Cash TV Show Vol.5&6.jpg[/attachment][attachment]The Johnny Cash TV Show Vol.7&8.jpg[/attachment][attachment]The Johnny Cash TV Show Vol.9&10.jpg[/attachment][attachment]The Johnny Cash TV Show Vol.11&12.jpg[/attachment]
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