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Date Country City Venue Details
1974-01-09U.S.A.Binghamton, NY Private Function
1974-01-10U.S.A.Syracuse, NY Private Function
1974-01-11U.S.A.Niagara Falls, NY Niagara Falls Convention and Civic Center
1974-01-12U.S.A.Syracuse, NYOnondaga County War Memorial
1974-01-14U.S.A.Niagara Falls, NYNiagara Falls Convention and Civic Center
1974-01-25U.S.A.Louisville, KY Private Function
1974-01-26U.S.A.Wheeling, WV Private Function
1974-01-27U.S.A.Wheeling, WV Private Function
1974-01-29U.S.A.Atlanta, GA Private Function
1974-01-30U.S.A.Atlanta, GA Private Function
1974-01-31U.S.A.Savannah, GA Private Function
1974-02-01U.S.A.Charleston, SC Private Function
1974-02-02U.S.A.Birmingham, AL Private Function
1974-02-03U.S.A.Alexandria, LA Private Function
1974-02-05U.S.A.Oxford, MS University Of Mississippi
1974-02-16U.S.A.Nashville, TN Hee HawtvstoryDetails
1974-02-23U.S.A.New York, NY Johnny Cash's Country MusicvideotvDetails
1974-02-24U.S.A.Claremont, CABridges Auditorium
1974-02-25U.S.A.Saginaw, MI Private Function
1974-02-26U.S.A.Toledo, OH Private Function
1974-02-27U.S.A.Kalamazoo, MI Miller Auditorium
1974-03-01U.S.A.Davenport, IA Private Function
1974-03-02U.S.A.Macomb, IL Western Hall
1974-03-03U.S.A.Champaign, IL University Of Illinois
1974-03-27U.S.A.Corpus Christi, TX Memorial Coliseum
1974-03-28U.S.A.San Antonio, TX Municipal Auditorium
1974-03-29U.S.A.Dallas, TX Private Function
1974-03-30U.S.A.Lake Charles, LA Private Function
1974-03-31U.S.A.Austin, TX Austin Municipal Auditorium
1974-04-02U.S.A.Houston, TX Music Theater
1974-04-03U.S.A.Houston, TX Music Theater
1974-04-04U.S.A.Houston, TX Music Theater
1974-04-05U.S.A.Houston, TX Music Theater
1974-04-06U.S.A.Houston, TX Music Theater
1974-04-07U.S.A.Houston, TX Music Theater
1974-04-12U.S.A.Nashville, TN Tennesse State Prison, A Flower Out Of PlacevideoofficialtvDetails
1974-04-15U.S.A.Nashville, TN Grand Ole Opry
1974-04-16U.S.A.Nashville, TN Grand Ole Opry
1974-04-17U.S.A.Nashville, TN Grand Ole Opry
1974-04-19U.S.A.Johnson City, TN Benefit Show
1974-04-20U.S.A.Chattanooga, TN Benefit Show
1974-04-21U.S.A.Country Comes Hometv
1974-04-21U.S.A.Des Moines, IAKRNT Theater
1974-04-26U.S.A.Nashville, TN Opryland Complex
1974-04-30U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-05-01U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-05-02U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-05-03U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-05-04U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-05-05U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-05-06U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-05-08U.S.A.Anaheim, CAKnott's Berry Farm
1974-05-11U.S.A.Decatur, AL Hospital Dedication
1974-06-20U.S.A.Washington, DC Youth Award
1974-06-21U.S.A.Lynchburg, VA Private Function
1974-06-22U.S.A.Greensboro, NC Greensboro War Memorial Auditorium
1974-06-23U.S.A.Linville, NC Grandfather MountainvideoDetails
1974-06-24U.S.A.Asheville, NC Private Function
1974-06-25U.S.A.Knoxville, TN Private Function
1974-06-29U.S.A.Saratoga, NY Saratoga Fair
1974-07-05U.S.A.Lake Tahoe, NV Private Function
1974-07-06U.S.A.Lake Tahoe, NV Private Function
1974-07-07U.S.A.Lake Tahoe, NV Private Function
1974-07-08U.S.A.Lake Tahoe, NV Private Function
1974-07-09U.S.A.Lake Tahoe, NV Private Function
1974-07-10U.S.A.Lake Tahoe, NV Private Function
1974-07-11U.S.A.Lake Tahoe, NV Private Function
1974-07-18U.S.A.Parchman, MS Private Function
1974-07-19U.S.A.Chicago, IL Private Function
1974-07-20U.S.A.Milwaukee, WI Summer Festival
1974-07-21U.S.A.Davenport, IA O' Donnell Stadium
1974-07-22U.S.A.Warwick, RI Music Theater
1974-07-23U.S.A.Warwick, RI Music Theater
1974-07-24U.S.A.Warwick, RI Music Theater
1974-07-25U.S.A.Warwick, RI Music Theater
1974-07-26U.S.A.Warwick, RI Music Theater
1974-07-27U.S.A.Warwick, RI Music Theater
1974-07-28U.S.A.Warwick, RI Music Theater
1974-08-03U.S.A.Hee Hawtv
1974-08-05U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Hilton
1974-08-06U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Hilton
1974-08-07U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Hilton
1974-08-08U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Hilton
1974-08-09U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Hilton
1974-08-10U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Hilton
1974-08-11U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Hilton
1974-08-19U.S.A.McAllister, OK State Prison
1974-08-19U.S.A.McAllister, OK Oklahoma State Prison
1974-08-20U.S.A.Sedalia, MO Missouri State Fair (Early Show)
1974-08-20U.S.A.Sedalia, MO Missouri State Fair (Late Show)
1974-08-24U.S.A.Columbus, OH Ohio State Fair (Early Show)
1974-08-24U.S.A.Columbus, OH Ohio State Fair (Late Show)
1974-08-26U.S.A.Nanuet, NY Theatre-Go-Round
1974-08-27U.S.A.Nanuet, NY Theatre-Go-RoundaudioDetails
1974-08-28U.S.A.Nanuet, NY Theatre-Go-Round
1974-08-29U.S.A.Nanuet, NY Theatre-Go-Round
1974-08-30U.S.A.Nanuet, NY Theatre-Go-Round
1974-08-31U.S.A.Nanuet, NY Theatre-Go-Round
1974-09-02U.S.A.Nashville, TN Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethontv
1974-09-12U.S.A.Portales, NM Eastern New Mexico University (Canceled)storyDetails
1974-09-14U.S.A.Odessa, TX Ector County Coliseum (Canceled)
1974-09-15U.S.A.El Paso, TX El Paso Civic Center
1974-09-16U.S.A.Albuquerque, NM Private Function
1974-09-18U.S.A.Phoenix, AZ Private Function
1974-09-19U.S.A.San Bernadino, CA Swing AuditoriumstoryDetails
1974-09-20U.S.A.San Diego, CA Sports Arena
1974-09-21U.S.A.Anaheim, CA Anaheim Convention CenterstoryDetails
1974-09-22U.S.A.Fresno, CA Convention Center
1974-09-25U.S.A.San Francisco, CA Circle Theater
1974-09-26U.S.A.San Francisco, CA Circle Theater
1974-09-27U.S.A.San Francisco, CA Circle Theater
1974-09-28U.S.A.San Francisco, CA Circle Theater
1974-09-29U.S.A.San Francisco, CA Circle Theater
1974-10-14U.S.A.New York, NY Country Music Association
1974-10-25U.S.A.Lansing, MI Private Function
1974-10-26U.S.A.Indianapolis, IN Private Function
1974-10-27U.S.A.Muncie, IN Emens Auditorium (Early Show)
1974-10-27U.S.A.Muncie, IN Emens Auditorium (Late Show)
1974-10-28U.S.A.Grand Rapids, MI Private Function
1974-10-30U.S.A.Eau-Claire, WI Private Function
1974-10-31U.S.A.La Crosse, WI Private Function
1974-11-01U.S.A.Fargo, ND Private Function
1974-11-02U.S.A.Jamestown, ND Private Function
1974-11-03U.S.A.Bismarck, ND Private Function
1974-11-04U.S.A.Aberdeen, SD Aberdeen Civic Arena
1974-11-05U.S.A.Sioux City, IA Sioux City Auditorium
1974-11-06U.S.A.Kearney, NE Private Function
1974-11-07U.S.A.Lincoln, NE Pershing Auditorium
1974-11-08U.S.A.Waterloo, IA McElroy AuditoriumstoryDetails
1974-11-09U.S.A.Peoria, IL Private Function
1974-11-10U.S.A.St. Louis, MO Private Function
1974-11-19U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-11-20U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-11-21U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-11-22U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-11-23U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-11-24U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-11-25U.S.A.Las Vegas, NV Private Function
1974-12-14JamaicaKingstonGrand Cornwall Ballroom